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MPI Drives Efficiency in Environmental Monitoring

Biosecurity New Zealand tackled Didymo’s impact by migrating sampling data to ArcGIS Online using FME. This improved data management, analysis, and transparency. Survey123 streamlined new site creation, while FME Server automation sped up status updates. The project showcased Didymo’s impact through accessible dashboards, enhancing awareness of water quality and biodiversity effects.

Building a Stronger Response: FME’s Impact on NZ Police’s Cyclone Gabrielle Operation

Amidst the aftermath of Cyclone Gabrielle in 2023, New Zealand Police utilised FME technology to efficiently manage emergency and non-emergency calls. This encompassed creating a nationwide Calls for Service dataset, automating data processing, and real-time data aggregation. The integrated approach facilitated informed decision-making and resource allocation, allowing the police to effectively prioritise their efforts in..

Beyond the Roadblocks: Powered by FME and AI

Explore the synergy of FME and AI in streamlining tasks like automating road closure notifications for restaurant owners. Discover the integration process, data cleaning, AI-generated letters, and the potential for FME Flow automation.

Creating AI-Powered Presentations with FME: A Magical Alternative to Apps

This blog explores how FME offers a magical alternative to AI-powered presentation apps, enabling users to create captivating presentations without the need for new services. It showcases FME’s versatility by leveraging AI connectors to generate content, text-to-image conversions, and export to PowerPoint, making it a powerful tool for unleashing creativity in presentation-building processes.

FME 2023.0 | Innovations That Transform Data Integration

Safe Software’s FME 2023.0 release transforms data integration with enhancements including collaboration features, accelerated data visualisation, UPSERT support, improved transformers, and customisable user experiences. FME Flow (formerly FME Flow) offers improved platform management, distributed processing, and automation capabilities.

Safe Software and FME Rebrand

Safe Software has undergone a major rebrand of both company and software products. The branding includes new names for FME Form, FME Flow and FME Flow Hosted with the more friendly FME Form, FME Flow and FME Flow Hosted.

FME supercharges Electra’s Dial Before You Dig Enquiry Process

In order to keep up with the high volume of planned work enquiries, Electra needed to move towards a fully automated ‘Before You Dig’ enquiry process. The existing beforeUdig enquiry process involved GIS team members performing manual, time-intensive tasks.

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