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Make faster, more accurate decisions when all your data is in one place, updated in real-time. Locus together with the FME Platform can help with all that, and more.

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Locus is a data integration solution and technology provider for New Zealand and Australia specialising in the supply and support of FME software. We help organisations understand and use their data to add value and make informed decisions. We provide professional GIS and data integration consultancy services, short or long-term project support, FME training, technical advice and more. Supercharge your data with Locus and FME.

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Data integration has never been this powerful at so little cost

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With Locus you’ll be up-to-speed with FME in no time

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Fit FME into your existing IT ecosystem – we can help with that

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We Like FME. It Makes Data Integration Easy.

FME has been solving data integration challenges for over 25 years. The data integration platform with the best support for spatial data worldwide, FME’s powerful workflow capabilities help organisations of all sizes replace manual time-consuming data tasks with automated scheduled processing. Make better data-driven decisions, faster.

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Learn how FME can help you solve a variety of data integration challenges in this personalised 30 minute free demo. See FME in action, ask questions and discover how FME can fit within your organisation to remove data silos, reduce manual processing and automate workflows.

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Meet us at the NZ Esri User Conference

Joni official exhibitor Locus at the upcoming New Zealand Esri User Conference and connect with your geospatial community, discover what’s new and leverage GIS capabilities to solve problems and create shared understanding

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Learn how to Automate the Flow of Data

Learn from the experts in how to use the essential components and capabilities in FME Flow (previously FME Server). By the end of the course all attendees will have a thorough grounding in the design and creation of FME Flow-hosted workspaces, with the ability to understand what functionality is required for a particular scenario, and how to implement it.

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Industries We Work With

We deliver data solutions, consulting and training services to a range of commercial and Government organisations. Recognised by Safe Software as a FME Industry Expert Partner (across multiple industries) means that you’re benefiting from some sector specific knowledge as well as great customer service!


With the help of FME, maintain network information by automatically directing data collected in the field to correct storage locations.

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Integrate data to track assets and understand the impact of schedules, weather and other human or environment factors.

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To meet the demands of easily accessible stakeholder data, FME enables information to flow freely in/out of the organisation.

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