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Data Integration
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Locus is a Platinum FME Reseller and your complete FME deployment, training, and support partner

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Why Choose Us

The Locus Advantage

Market leader in FME powered solutions. Delivering excellence globally from our offices in New Zealand and Australia.

Platinum Partner

Safe Software Platinum Partner and premier reseller of FME. Helping businesses everywhere elevate their data optimisation

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Experts in the Field

15+ years of innovative, customer-centric expertise in data integration, transformation and management

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FME Certified Trainers

Formal and bespoke training delivered by FME Certified trainers in-person or virtual options available

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Business and technical support packages for every organisation and budget. Maximise your FME investment with the help of Locus

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“We’ve been working with John and the team at Locus for more than 15 years. Their unique blend of business competence and technical expertise makes them a great partner and a powerful asset to any organisation.”

Don Murray & Dale Lutz

The creators of FME

Locus+ is team expertise to help you succeed with FME

Choose from a range of business and technical support packages that get you started, and enjoy the ongoing benefits.

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FME Platform

Bring all your data together, remove repetitive manual tasks and deliver superior workflow automation.

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Efficient Data Integration

With FME you can merge data from diverse sources, systems, and locations into a unified format to produce a single-source of complete and trustworthy data.

Powerful Data Transformation

Choose from hundreds of transformers to manipulate your data to meet your requirements. Merge, aggregate, filter, split, join, duplicate and many more!

Unparalleled Spatial Data Management

FME is the market leader in spatial data processing – no other platform comes close. Built-in transformers enable you to interpret and transform geographic data with ease.

Workflow Automation for Every Business

Streamline repetitive data tasks and take advantage of enterprise automation that saves time and delivers powerful insights.

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Learn FME with Locus

Our FME training goes beyond the basics and each course is backed with real-world examples and best practice principles to guide your learning. Choose from two day formal FME Form or FME Flow courses or talk to us about bespoken training and workshops to get the whole team up to speed.

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What’s in a Design? FME Form 2024.0 Receives a UX-Inspired Refresh

The biggest interface change in more than 20 years, the update aims to simplify the user experience (UX) through a new icon system, a minimalistic approach to design and color, and a toolbar that unifies the product suite with the company and FME brand aesthetic. Download FME 2024.0 and take it for a test drive.

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Discover how organisations across New Zealand conquer data challenges with inspiring FME-powered use cases. Be among the first to peek into the exciting world of FME 2024 features. Gain invaluable insights and best practices from New Zealand’s leading FME experts and expand your network by connecting with fellow data enthusiasts.

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