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FME Desktop 2022.2.3 for Windows, Linux and Mac

FME Desktop can be installed on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows

2022.2.3 | Released February 7, 2023

FME Server 2022.2.3 for Windows

64-bit Windows is recommended

2022.2.3 | Released February 7, 2023

Previous versions of FME

FME Desktop and FME Server FME 2015.1 – FME 2022.2.2.0

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FME Technical Resources

FME Desktop Installation Instructions

The FME Desktop Administrator’s Guide provides information for installing and licensing FME Desktop, and performing other administrative tasks.


FME Server Installation Instructions

The FME Server Administrator’s Guide is intended for system administrators and those who are responsible for installing and configuring FME Server in a Windows or Linux environment.


FME Transformer Reference Guide 2022

FME contains over 500 transformers that perform different types of data operations. This guide provides a high-level summary of FME Workbench, data inspection, and each transformer’s functionality.