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How FME and AI Bring Hollywood Stars to Your Timesheet Reminders!

Discover the glamour of time management with FME and AI in our blog post, How FME and AI Bring Hollywood Stars to Your Timesheet Reminders! Learn how five transformers, AI, and FME Flow automate personalised, celebrity-themed time sheet reminders. From Elvis to Taylor Swift, discover the creative process behind engaging emails that banish drudgery and..

From AI Synergy to ArcGIS Efficiency: A Dual Dive into FME-Powered Innovations

Explore the multifaceted impact of AI in an engaging session with Darren Fergus, delving into its applications and emphasising the synergies between FME and AI. Witness the collaborative prowess of FME and ChatGPT as they craft a compelling narrative during this interactive experience. In another session with Jan Roggisch, discover the success story of Auckland..

The Upgrade Cycle

Consider the importance of regular software upgrades. Often overlooked in favour of big upgrades once or twice a year, organisations would benefit from taking advantage of a more frequent upgrade schedule for improved functionality, simpler upgrades, enhanced security, and employee skill development.

Highlights from the Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour 2023

Discover the Snowflake Data Cloud World Tour experience in this blog. From a lively conference featuring AI-driven data management to the symbiotic relationship between Snowflake and FME, explore insights into bridging data engineering and location technology.

Road Data Revolution: Wellington City Council’s Time-Saving Automation

Wellington City Council revolutionised road asset data management by automating processes, saving time and resources. Kirsten Brown, Infrastructure Data Analyst, introduced a solution using FME to ensure effortless synchronisation between systems, benefiting the Transport team with current and accurate data.

Auckland Council Enhances Property Record Accuracy

Auckland Council’s Geospatial Team Boosts Property Data Accuracy by 80% using FME, Resolving Complex Challenges in Extracting Property IDs from Survey123 Data for Enhanced City Planning and Public Services.

Creative Automation with FME: A Useless Box-inspired Adventure

Inspired by a TV show, Chris created a whimsical FME workflow triggered by a webhook in ArcGIS Online, which playfully deletes newly created features. While seemingly useless, it showcases the power of webhooks and FME for automation, with potential for practical applications like generating notifications for road closures.

The Geospatial Dashboard that Revolutionized Major Event Support for NZ Police

The New Zealand Police Geospatial team addressed the challenge of efficient resource allocation during major events by creating the Major Events Support Dashboard, powered by FME. This innovative solution aggregates data from various sources, offering spatial insights and filtering options for event sites, police districts, and timeframes. The dashboard has proven indispensable during significant events..

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