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A Little Bit of FME Goes a Long Way for OXFAM

Utilising FME, Locus delivered 300 highly functional Oxfam Trailwalker team maps -without the requirement for complex or expensive tracking equipment – a little bit of FME can go a long way!

Airports and Beyond: Map the Future of Your Data

Most of us spend 90% of our time indoors but almost none of that is mapped.Customers expect a seamless experience from start to finish and indoor mapping is a key enabler. Indoor Mapping Data Format (IMDF) provides a comprehensive model for any indoor location; a basis for orientation, navigation and discovery.

Allow External Access to FME Server

“How would I go about getting our FME Server to be externally facing – ie to allow “client name” to be able to post a notification to a topic I have set up? “.
Gary Nicholson, Locus’s FME Server Certified Professional answers.

Beyond GIS: FME and Local Government Solutions

As FME expands beyond the GIS team, there is an opportunity for dynamic data integration to replace everyday manual tasks across multi-disciplinary departments including; Finance, Asset Management, Business and Strategic Planning.

Connecting a Weather Station to FME

Connect a weather station to FME Server and stream the data to a custom web page. Use this demo to explore the capabilities of FME with real live IOT data.

Covid-19 Free Licences

COVID-19 is affecting us all, and we don’t want software licensing to prevent solutions from being found or communities from being protected. In a quest to support the delivery of good quality, integrated, up-to-the-minute data, Safe Software is offering FME for free for those trying to research and investigate..

Data Integration Workflows Power Utility Operations

Utility companies often have large amounts of data from multiple sources that need to be converted, transformed and validated. FME allows these companies to accomplish a variety of automation tasks across multiple workstreams

Data Integration Workflows Power Utility Operations

An organization works with many systems that each hold their own data, often in different data formats. When data comes from multiple sources, data integration is an integral part of a team’s processes.

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