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FME Data Integration Platform

Data integration is the process of combining various data types and formats into a single location.

FME, developed by Safe Software, is a data integration platform (with the best support for spatial data worldwide) that will enable you to take control of your data whatever it’s format or location.

Eliminate silos and seamlessly connect disparate data sources, manage data structure and content and deliver superior data automation, all without the need for coding!

FME’s Key Capabilities


Convert data from A to Z (or even A + B + C to Z!) in a drag- and-drop interface

  • Connect to over 450 formats and applications
  • Eliminate data silos and make empowered decisions
  • Customize connections with API’s, R, or Python to add extensibility


Manipulate your data models and the content of your data

  • Accelerate the workflow building process using pre-built transformation tools
  • Create customized workflows without needing to write any code
  • Validate your data to create the highest quality datasets


Convert and transform your data automatically.

  • Run event-based workflows automatically to integrate in real time
  • Create schedules that sends up-to-date data when and where it needs to go
  • Eliminate the manual effort of performing complex, repetitive tasks
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FME in Action

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The FME Product Suite


Build repeatable data conversion and transformation workflows using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface

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Automate workflows built in FME Desktop, and run them on a schedule or in response to triggers and get results ASAP

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FME Cloud is the hosted version of FME Server. Combine the flexibility and speed of the cloud with the powerful automation and versatility of FME Server

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How Locus Can Help you Get Started

How Locus Can Help you Get Started

How FME Works, Step by Step

Step 1

Connect your data sources and specify output locations with FME Desktop

Step 2

Add transformers as needed to customise your workflow

Step 3

Run workflows locally or publish workflows to FME Server or FME Cloud

Step 4

Set schedules or create event-based automation workflows for real-time processing

FME Tech Specs

FME Tech Specs

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FME in Action

Explore the capabilities of FME with some real-world examples in our Product Demos section

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Customer Stories

Learn how organisations across industries are winning with FME

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