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FME Platform

Understand and Use your Data to Drive Better Decisions – Everyday

Transform and integrate data with ease using FME – the ultimate enterprise data integration software solution.

Say no to data silos. FME integrates your data whatever the format or location. Say yes to fully connected, trustworthy, accessible data.

FME is the no-code, cost efficient solution that removes repetitive tasks, improves collaboration and delivers a better customer experience for all.

FME’s Key Capabilities


Convert data from A to Z (or even A + B + C to Z!) in a drag- and-drop interface

  • Connect to over 450 formats and applications
  • Eliminate data silos and make empowered decisions
  • Customize connections with API’s, R, or Python to add extensibility


Manipulate your data models and the content of your data

  • Accelerate the workflow building process using pre-built transformation tools
  • Create customized workflows without needing to write any code
  • Validate your data to create the highest quality datasets


Convert and transform your data automatically.

  • Run event-based workflows automatically to integrate in real time
  • Create schedules that sends up-to-date data when and where it needs to go
  • Eliminate the manual effort of performing complex, repetitive tasks

FME in Action

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FME Product Suite

FME Form

Build repeatable data conversion and transformation workflows using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface

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FME Flow

Automate workflows built in FME Form, and run them on a schedule or in response to triggers and get results ASAP

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FME Flow Hosted

FME Flow Hosted is the hosted version of FME Flow. Combine the flexibility and speed of the cloud with the powerful automation and versatility of FME Flow

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How Locus Can Help you Get Started

How Locus Can Help you Get Started

FME, Step by Step

Step 1

Connect your data sources and specify output locations with FME Form

Step 2

Add transformers as needed to customise your workflow

Step 3

Run workflows locally or publish workflows to FME Flow or FME Flow Hosted

Step 4

Set schedules or create event-based automation workflows for real-time processing

FME Tech Specs

FME Tech Specs

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I buy additional concurrent licences?

Yes, additional concurrent licenses are available for purchase and are priced at 1/3 of the relevant edition price (for example, the cost of a FME Professional concurrent license is 1/3 of the cost of a floating FME Professional license)

Do you offer Enterprise License Agreements (ELAs)?

Yes, enterprise license agreements are available to customers with a large number of FME licenses. An ELA is like an all-you-can-eat buffet. You pay an annual fee and for the length of your agreement (typically three years) you can use as many FME licenses as you wish, with annual maintenance included and zero cost increases. ELAs are ideal for new or existing organizations who want volume pricing and customers anticipating increasing usage or who require special arrangements – e.g. customized training or support. For more information, please contact Locus

How can I tell which specific transformers, readers and writers are included in any particular edition?

You can see a detailed comparison of readers and writers by edition in the format licensing matrix. For transformers, please refer to thetransformer licensing matrix.

How do I buy FME Form?

To buy FME Form simply click “Enquire Now” on the pricing page, complete the form and we’ll be in touch. If you would like additional information contact Locus.

How do I install FME Form?

Download the latest version of FME from the Locus website and follow the instructions provided.

What options do you have for enterprise workflows?
FME Form is the authoring environment where you configure and run workspaces. To take advantage of automation at an enterprise level, you can run your workspaces on FME Flow and FME Flow Hosted.
What is the difference between fixed and floating licences?

A fixed license lets you run FME Form on a single computer, whereas a floating license is shared by multiple people. For example, if you have five users, you could purchase a fixed license for each computer. Or you could purchase a floating license with additional seats. If you purchase a floating license with two additional seats, then up to three users could have FME Form open at any one point in time.View our What type of FME Do I Need flowchart for more information.

What is Annual Maintenance and how does it work?

Annual maintenance is 20% of your FME software costs and is included with the purchase of all FME products for the first year.In your first year you can expect to receive software updates, product support, full credit for upgrades, and more.At Locus, we believe in predictable budget planning and would welcome the opportunity to fix future renewal costs ensuring that your annual maintenance arrangements are the best possible fit for your business.Please contact Locus to discuss further.

Do the FME Form prices on the website include tax?

FME Form and associated products purchased on this website are sold for supply within New Zealand or for supply within Australia.All prices displayed are in New Zealand dollars and in Australia dollars and exclude Goods and Services Tax (GST).GST is charged at 15% in New Zealand and 10% in Australia and this will be added to the price of your product at time of purchase.

I’m interested in FME but based outside New Zealand and Australia, how can I get pricing information ?

Wherever you may be based in the world Locus can assist. Pricing will vary by market and if purchasing outside New Zealand or Australia, GST may not apply. Please contact us to discuss local pricing and support.

Is it possible to use FME Form at home?

Yes it is!  Contact us to discuss further [email protected] or [email protected]

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What type of FME do I need?

View our useful FME considerations flow chart to discover which product and licencing plan is right for you and your organisation

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See FME in action, ask questions and discover how FME can fit within your organisation to remove data silos, reduce manual processing and automate workflows.

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