FME Flow

Connect your entire organisation to the data they need

FME Flow (previously FME Server) is a web-server application which uses FME Form to automate and manage data integration workflows. Build your workspaces in FME Form then use FME Flow to publish them to the web, automating the continuous flow of data.

Published data enables users both inside and outside your organisation to access and run data workspaces over the web.

FME Flow is hosted on premises, securely behind your firewall. If you want to take advantage of the scalable nature of the cloud, you can easily migrate your workflows to FME Flow Hosted (the hosted version of FME Flow).

FME Flow is simple, flexible, scalable and always available!

The 3 Core Capabilities of FME Flow

Self-Serve – Unlock Data on Demand

With FME Flow’s Self Serve capability, manual data distribution becomes a thing of the past. Repetitive tasks are replaced by instant data access. You have the control to cherry-pick the data you need, selecting your desired format and structure. Additionally, you can effortlessly upload your own data for processing. FME Flow puts the power in your hands, enabling you to swiftly obtain the precise information you require, while maintaining the flexibility to adjust to your evolving needs.

Real-Time – Data in Motion

Security and real-time data processing are the cornerstones of FME Flow’s Real-Time capability. In a secure environment, you can define roles and rules, ensuring that only authorised individuals access the data and processes. You’re no longer constrained by batch processing – FME Flow lets you work with data as it flows, triggered by events. Respond rapidly to changing scenarios, while also harnessing the power of real-time streaming data through FME Flow’s Streams feature.

Automation – Powerful Workflow Orchestration

Imagine a world where data processing works to your schedule and glides through diverse systems and web services, even extending to mobile platforms and devices. With the ability to set specific schedules, you can ensure that data processing happens precisely when you want it to, without manual intervention. Whether it’s daily, weekly, or on any other timeline, FME Flow handles it with ease. The fluid movement of data across different environments simplifies complex workflows, boosting efficiency and minimizing errors.

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Why FME Flow?

It removes the boring, repetitive tasks that nobody likes doing!


It makes data accessible. FME Flow provides enterprise automation for your FME Form workflows and allows users to easily share data. With a single license you can support multiple users via the web.


Its scalable and flexible. Growing as demands on the system increase. Easily add more engines to your existing license or extra CPU hours for one-off projects that require more grunt!

FME Flow Hosted

It’s super secure. In today’s data-driven world, the privacy and security of our data has never been more important. Learn more about FME Flow Hosted.


Decision Making

Empowered Decision Making. Well-organised, up-to-date, validated and reliable data enables informed decision making. Good for you, good for business.

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