FME Flow Hosted

FME Flow Hosted is the hosted deployment option for FME Flow

Want all the automation power and capability of FME Flow but without the hardware set-up and configuration? Well you need FME Flow Hosted, and when you sign-up you’ll receive a free $250 credit to get you started.

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Let Your Data Do the Work

Automate Manual Tasks

FME takes the hard work out of data analysis and integration with;

  • Event-based triggers
  • Workflows that run at regular intervals
  • FME Flow Apps

Control Data Securely

FME delivers a secure system for managing your data;

  • Set your own rules and roles
  • View job status at anytime
  • Complete tasks in a secure system
  • Launch instances from one of seven AWS regions globally

Why FME Flow Hosted

Scale Up (or down) as Needed

Data processing needs can change. Easily upgrade your instance size to add more cores and RAM as needed

Flexible Pricing Model

Pay for what you need and no more. Pay by the hour, upgrade or downgrade your requirements as needed or talk to Locus about an annual subscription


FME Flow Hosted’s architecture is built using Amazon Web Services (AWS) which employs high-grade encryption and supports all major compliance standards – that’s security you can trust

No Hardware Requirements

With no hardware set-up, FME Flow Hosted can be deployed in minutes!

How Can Locus Help You Get Started

How Can Locus Help You Get Started

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