Data variability in structure and geometry must integrate successfully

New digital technologies, changing customer expectations and increased interest in distributed renewal generation are contributing to a utilities world that is more competitive, challenging and complex than ever before.

Utilities work with a range of data systems, from legacy databases, through to data collected in the field. The data variability in structure and geometry must integrate successfully if it is to support such functions as; asset management, distribution network maintenance, design and planning, outage handling, data sharing and collaboration with internal and external stakeholders.

Integrated Data and Applications with the help of FME

Maintain GIS Networks

With urban populations expanding and demand for utility resources on the rise, FME offers a powerful solution for maintaining network information efficiently. By automating the process of directing field-collected data to the correct storage locations, FME ensures accurate and up-to-date information, helping utilities meet increasing demand while minimizing errors.

Integrate Multiple Data Sources

The amount of data being generated by utility customers is growing exponentially. FME provides a cost-effective and efficient way to integrate data from multiple sources into a unified platform.

By consolidating diverse data sets, utilities can reduce costs, streamline operations, and improve decision-making processes for both themselves and their customers.

Super-charge your Business Intelligence

To thrive in a dynamic utilities market, harnessing the power of data is crucial. FME enables utilities to connect and transform data into formats compatible with popular Business Intelligence (BI) platforms like Tableau or Qlik.

This compatibility equips utilities with smarter, future-proof decision-making capabilities based on reliable data insights.

Support Customer Engagement

Delivering an exceptional customer experience is a top priority for any industry. By ensuring effortless access to up-to-date data, whether online, over the phone, or in the field, utilities can deliver exceptional service to their customers.

FME plays a vital role in enabling utilities to develop relevant and timely customer solutions.

Featured Story

“Many of our daily data jobs are made simpler with FME. It handles the most straightforward of tasks as well as the complex with speed and precision, enabling a more effective use of our team resources. We’re genuinely excited about the opportunities this software has brought to our business and where it can take us in the future.”

Mathew Cooper
Network Digital Systems Manager

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