Our mission is to help organisations of all sizes
maximise the value of their data

In business, we all need data to make informed decisions.

But it’s much more than that; we need to be able to rely on the quality and integrity of that data and to have the confidence to know that the dataset is complete and up-to-date.

Locus is a data integration consulting, solution and support provider.

We’re a team that live and work across New Zealand and Australia. We’re not big but we do aspire to greatness and that’s to help you work better with data – connecting disparate sources, transforming the way you handle data and automating the boring and tedious bits.

We’ve been empowering businesses to better data-based decision making for more than 15 years. We can’t claim to do that on experience alone, we do it with the help of FME; the data integration solution with the best support for spatial data worldwide. Developed by Safe Software, FME is a product suite that connects, transforms and automates data workflows, freeing you from manual data processing and delivering superior, cost-effective data integration.

As an authorised reseller and Safe Software Platinum Partner our team have the knowledge and expertise to support you in transforming the way you work with data.

How can we help?

We deliver data solutions, consulting and training services to a range of commercial and Government organisations. We can be on-site, remote or as needed. Great data integration enables trustworthy, accurate and unified data to be distributed where, when and how it’s needed. The outcome is better data-based decisions.

We believe every business needs a data integration approach. The solution whether it be middleware or application-based may differ subject to the size and goals of the business.

Overcoming challenges with data is something we take very seriously. At Locus, we thrive on building relationships on a foundation of trust, helping good people and organisations succeed through a collaborative process.

John Arnerich
Founder and Group Director

In the Beginning

Locus was founded by John Arnerich in 2004. A Chartered Accountant by trade, John recognized an opportunity to help New Zealand businesses better manage their data with the help of FME. As Locus grew, including expansion into Australia so did the need for more experienced data and GIS professionals. Today, the Locus team is a diverse mix delivering the perfect intersection between business acumen, technical expertise and a dedicated client services approach(with a good dose of fun on the side!)

Meet the Locus Team

Our Locus Company Values

Our company values are both a framework and an operating model that provide our team with a shared sense of purpose. Those values are:

  • Our Customers are our Priority. They are at the heart of everything we do and we exist to exceed their expectations
  • Collaboration is our Success. As individuals we do good things as a team we achieve greatness!
  • Innovation is our fuel for Progress. We’re in the business of supplying and supporting FME. We overcome challenges with innovative solutions.
  • Integrity is our foundation for Trust. All our relationships are built on professional honesty and transparency
  • Community is our Anchor. Giving back in time, skill and financially can make a difference.
  • Learning is our Pursuit. We support continuous learning and development for our team and for our customers
  • Sustainability is our promise to the Future. We’re committed to treading a little lighter on our planet

Trusted by

Awards and Recognition

Locus is proud to be acknowledged by Safe Software, the developers of FME, for our industry-leading expertise. Key accolades include:

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What is FME

FME’s powerful workflow capabilities help organisations replace manual time-consuming data tasks with automated scheduled processing

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