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With the help of Locus and FME achieve effortless, automated and secure integration of your data

At Locus, we’re more than just tech. We’re a team of thoughtful, engaging, highly-skilled professionals based in New Zealand and Australia who love nothing more than seeing an organisation succeed with data. We know that it’s the foundation of your business processes and can be transformed to inform decision-making at all levels of your organisation.

Leveraging proven data integration best practices we will work with you to understand your business, offer support services that meet your individual needs, maximise knowledge transfer and deliver real, measurable performance gains.

Our data integration platform of choice is FME. We believe it delivers maximum capability at a fraction of the cost of the big guys. Our technical team are all FME Certified Professionals – we know the functionality and we’re here to show you.

We work with businesses of all sizes, sectors and specialisations to understand the data and information needs of your business; create a data design and help you organise your data architecture. We solve problems that improve productivity and free your team from manual processing.

Locus + is a flexible data integration solution that means you take as much (or as little) of our solution and value-add services as you need. With FME at its core, Locus+ gives you the option to add customised process, project, business and technical support.

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FME is the bedrock of your data integration solution. Learn how FME together with Locus can support your business now, and in the future. Ready to chat?


Practical, professional business support for your team including FME training, expert project support and bespoke consultancy to assist with building internal skills and capability


Technical advise and direction for your team to support a smooth FME deployment within your technology ecosystem. Services include design and deployment advice, system integration support, project support, upgrade and maintenance

Let us help you build smart, secure, connected and reliable data

When you buy FME from Locus you’re not just getting one of the easiest to use, most cost-effective data integration platforms in the world, you’re also gaining a team of experts; real people that can provide training, customised product or support solutions and more!

John Arnerich
Group Director, Locus

Connect People, Process and Platforms

Whatever your size, sector or specialisation we have you covered


With the help of FME, maintain network information by automatically directing data collected in the field to correct storage locations.

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Integrate data to track assets and understand the impact of schedules, weather and other human or environment factors.

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Local Government

To meet the demands of easily accessible stakeholder data, FME enables information to flow freely in/out of the organisation.

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Collect, transform and manipulate all your data whatever the source including databases, imagery, drones, legacy systems and more

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Locus and FME Training Solutions

New to FME or an experienced user looking to step-up? We have you covered with training courses to suit every need.

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What Type of FME do I Need?

View our useful FME considerations flow chart to discover which product and licencing plan is right for you and your organisation.

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Customer Stories

Learn how organisations across industries are winning with FME.

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