Optimise yields, minimise waste; unleash the power of your forestry data

The vast landscapes and long-term growth cycles inherent in forestry create unique data challenges. Traditional methods often struggle to capture the spatially diverse nature of forests, leading to fragmented information on factors like tree health, soil composition, and wildlife habitat. Additionally, limited real-time data collection can hinder prompt responses to threats like forest fires or pests.

Complex spatial data analysis is crucial for tasks like optimising harvest plans or predicting growth patterns, but traditional tools may lack the necessary capabilities. These limitations can lead to suboptimal decision-making across the entire forestry value chain, impacting efficiency, sustainability, and profitability.

FME offers a powerful way to overcome these challenges and unlock the full potential of data-driven forestry.

Optimise Operations, Ensure Sustainability and Regulation Compliance with FME

Connect Key Data Types

Forestry data typically falls into three 3 key data types;

  • Field data. Sensor data form LiDAR scanners, GSP data, drone imagery and weather data
  • Forest management data. GIS data, inventory data, growth models and silvicultural records
  • Business and regulatory data. Permits, Financial Data, Sustainability Reports and Market Data

    FME integrates forestry data from diverse sources, centralising and standardising for better collaboration and analysis.

  • Transform Complex Data into Usable Formats

    Each data type, such as LiDAR scans, GPS data, or silvicultural records, has its own format and structure, requiring specialised tools and expertise to work with.

    FME transforms complex data into usable formats, streamlining workflows and reducing reliance on specialised tools, making data accessible to a wider range of users.

    Discover real-time insights

    Traditional data collection and monitoring methods often struggle to provide timely data updates, hindering proactive decision-making on issues like forest fires, pest outbreaks, or harvesting.

    FME automates data workflows and facilitates real-time data updates, empowering faster and more informed decision-making across the forestry sector.

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    Customer Story

    NIWA (National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research) uses FME to manage and analyse diverse data sets, including LiDAR data for flood impact assessments, strengthening their resilience against natural disasters.

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