Advanced data analysis is critical to understanding the adaption and adoption of energy sources


Good data integration empowers decisive decision making

The energy sector produces and handles vast volumes of data

As the scarcity of fossil fuels gives rise to alternate sources of energy,advanced data analysis is critical to understanding the adaption and adoption of these sources of energy.Whether you’re reducing downtime, increasing output or looking to improve the customer experience, good data integration will empower decisive decision making.

What can FME do for the Energy Industry

Geodatabase management

Transform CAD drawings or network files and add them to your geodatabase. Enable customers to access data directly via web maps. All your data sets; internal, contracted and commercial, secure, unified and shareable.

Harmonise collection and
processing of data

Setup events or triggers that identify new data and process it. Instantly calculate and forecast supply and demand to improve decision making.

data integration solution for businesses

Overcome disparate

Synthesize, load and distribute large amounts of data overcoming incompatibility issues between

Refresh your data management

Save time and money by replacing repetitive manual tasks with automated processes then integrate and transform you data sets before adopting a cloud solution for maximum ease and shareability.

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