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FME Server Security

This whitepaper describes how FME Server provides comprehensive security including authentication, authorisation, data and network

FME Server Licencing Instructions – All Options

Refer to the FME Downloads table to install the latest version of FME PDF download Technical Instructions https://drive.google.com/dri Server. FME Server can be licenced in offline, or online mode. By default, license files are installed to C:\ProgramData\Safe Software\FME Server\licenses

FME Desktop – Licencing Instructions – Floating Licence

A floating license means that a single computer is provided with a number of licenses and acts as a server by issuing these licenses to any other computer that requests one. A floating license is a common way for a company to share a limited number of licenses among its FME users

FME Desktop Licencing Instructions – Single Fixed Licence

A single-fixed FME license (also known as node-locked or CRC license) enables FME to work on a single specified computer. The FME Licensing Assistant generates a unique registration key for that computer, which is used to create the license

FME Transformer Reference Guide

Data transformation is one of FME’s core capabilities. FME contains over 500+ transformers. This guide provides a high level summary of FME Workbench, data inspection and each transformer's functionality

Overview of FME Server

Design the workflow you want to PDF download Brochures https://drive.g automate in FME Desktop’s drag-and- drop interface and then publish it to FME Server at the push of a button. FME Server has three core capabilities: Self-Serve, Real-Time, and Automation

Overview of FME Desktop

FME Desktop is made up of two key applications: FME Workbench and FME Data Inspector. This 4-page overview with illustrations is a great place to start to gain a basic understanding of FME

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