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How to Install FME Server in the Cloud

Blending a webinar format with a hands-on training approach this webinar will help you understand the sequence to a successful FME Server installation in a hosted cloud environment; AWS or Microsoft Azure.

Integrating FME with ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Online is a great tool for hosting your data online, and building web maps or apps which you can use to share data with your users.

LINZ Data Service

FME is a great solution to both automate the flow of data from LINZ, as well as perform transformation to it at the same time. Experience FME in action with this demo.

Locus Achieves Safe Software Platinum Status

Locus, market leaders in the provision of certified FME training and consultancy has been awarded Platinum Value Added Reseller (VAR) status by Safe Software Inc. the developers of FME.

Optimising FME: Lessons in Workspace Efficiency

In FME, workspaces define the parameters of your data translation; they confirm what data should be pulled in, how that data should be transformed and the final output. Not all workspaces are created equal and in this webinar we take you through some real-world examples of how to build efficient workspaces.

Our FME 2020.1 Top Picks

The latest version of FME is here, with some significant improvements to the 2020 release giving you greater performance, flexibility and accessibility to the power of FME.

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