Today Safe Software announced a major rebrand of both the company and software products. This is a momentous event. Safe and FME have had the same brand for almost 30 years, so any change is bound to attract attention. As fun and friendly as the old brand was, it hasn’t necessarily kept pace with the evolution of FME from niche data migration tool to what we know it to be today; a versatile, no-code enterprise integration platform with infinite applications to organisations of all sizes.

    The existing Safe Software and FME logos have been replaced with simple orange and blue data points, or dots, which represent the company and its products. The simplicity of these dots is symbolic of Safe’s intention to streamline product offerings and to be clear about the benefits and no-code, deploy-anywhere solution that FME provides. 

    Websites have received a major refresh. remains the website to find out about the company’s ethos, while is the home of products. Alive with animation, vibrant colours, and a human centric design, both websites speak volumes about Safe’s future intentions and the role it wishes to play in the tech industry. The websites are still fun, but with clearer messages about data manipulation and system integration and the removal of lots of technical jargon.

    Human-centric customer stories that focus on cost and efficiency savings are at the forefront of the rebranding. This includes an article about Electra, who used FME to automate a ‘Before You Dig’ process and saw a 4000% reduction in processing time.  Also included is Amsterdam Airport which uses FME to curate data and build the foundational information required for a digital twin. This focus on the companies and people that FME helps has led to Safe’s new tagline, ‘A human-first approach to utilizing the world’s data.’

    It is all too easy to forget that the estimated 328 million gigabytes of data that is created every day tells our story. Data generated by our mobile phones, medical equipment, utilities, communications, and sensor platforms tells the story of humans, our movements, our energy consumption, our conversations, our environment, and our knowledge. Safe is telling these stories because they are important, not just to data geeks but to everyone, allowing for improved understanding and informed decision making. 

    The rebranding also provides new names for FME Form, FME Flow, and FME Flow Hosted, with the more friendly FME Form, FME Flow, and FME Flow Hosted being used going forward*. Simplicity is the key, and consequently, FME editions such as FME for Smallworld have been retired; instead, a single version of FME Form is all that is required. FME’s powerful data integration capabilities continue to evolve and Safe have chosen to enhance the user experience, making it more accessible and ultimately customer focused. These changes go beyond the superficial and aim to improve the overall usability of the product suite.

    Websites are live, but the full company-wide transition will take time as both Safe and their network of global partners, including Locus, embrace this new era. If you have questions about the Safe Software and FME rebrand please get in touch with Locus.

    Finally, don’t worry about Lizard and Zipster, both are looking forward to retirement and a more relaxed lifestyle.

    *All previous releases of FME Form, Server and Cloud will be referred to, and supported using their original names. FME 23.0 and beyond will feature the new names.


    What happened to FME Editions like FME Form Smallworld Edition

    Safe have simplified their product offering with a single version of FME Form (formerly Desktop), which includes all the capabilities from the highest license of previous versions.

    Are the product name changes retroactive

    All previous releases of Desktop, Server, Cloud etc. will be referred to and supported using their original names. FME 23.0 and beyond will feature the new names.

    Help! I can’t find some of the old content on the website(s)

    The original Safe Software website has been split up to better support user needs. Safe. com is where you’ll find everything about Safe Software as an organization. ( is Safe’s platform-focused website where you can learn all about the FME Platform, how it’s used in different ways and industries. The Community, FME Hub, and more are accessible through