Locus Virtual Workshops

Locus in association with Safe Software delivered the FME Data Bites Virtual Workshop sessions in November 2021.

Attracting FME enthusiasts from the local Government, transportation, energy and utilities sectors across Australia and New Zealand these small, intimate and engaging sessions were by invitation-only and took place over 4 consecutive days. Designed to be presenter-led but highly interactive, the 60 minute sessions can be viewed via the links below.

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Automating Automation: An introduction to the FME Flow REST API

Join presenter Kieran O’Donnell of Locus and learn how to understand and control FME Flow functionality with the FME Flow REST API. In this practical session learn more about completed jobs, how to check licensing, manage content, run reports and more!

Using BIM Data with FME

Join Dave Campanas, Technical Product Specialist at Safe Software to connect with and understand the role of spatial data and FME in a BIM project. Learn how to build and automate custom BIM workflows to enable data to be easily shared and analysed in reports and more!

Agile Enterprise Integration. Dynamic Engines; what they are, getting started and how to use them

Join presenter Don Murray, Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Safe Software in an exploration of Dynanic Engines. What are Dynamic Engines, how might they benefit my business and how do I get started. This session will include a practical demonstration of working with Dynamic Engines with plenty of opportunity to ask questions and challenge our presenters

Deployment and Install of FME Flow + Installing FLEX LM, Licence Server

Join presenter Darren Fergus of Locus in this workshop, delivered in two parts, this session will cover <1>) Learn how to install FME Flow on AWS, configure ports and services, and deploy HTTPS (to FME Flow) and <2> Installation and provisioning on Virtual Machine, specified port configuration and testing