What is FME?

FME is a market leader in enterprise integration, used by thousands of organisations worldwide for data integration and transformation. Discover the organisations that are innovating with FME.

Organisations are full of data. Typically, that data is distributed across incompatible formats and systems, making analysis difficult and time consuming. FME overcomes these challenges understanding the language of each data format and transforming it to requirement. From spatial data to real-time to databases to business systems, FME is here to integrate it all.

FME is the no-code, cost efficient solution that removes manual tasks, improves collaboration and powers decision making


What can I do with FME?

Build a more efficient organisation

Whether it’s moving large amounts of data, ensuring its quality, replicating information or automating the way in which your organisation processes data, FME is the tool for the job.

The no-code interface means you achieve more, in less time, and regardless of data type, FME can handle it all. Whether its batch processing and ETL to event-driven and high-speed stream data, everything is integrated within this single platform.

Accelerate Growth with Automation

FME makes your data useful by integrating all your organization’s applications and data sources. Streamline your workflows with automation to save time, whether it’s triggered by events or scheduled based on time. With FME’s user-friendly no-code approach to automation, you can easily create and schedule custom processes.

Enhance quality assurance by automating processes that identify and resolve data quality issues at the source. Facilitate data sharing by building no-code corporate web applications, simplifying updates, and powering the movement of data across the organization.

Deploy Anytime and Anywhere

FME has unrivalled deployment options so you can choose what is the best fit for your organisation. You have the freedom to run it wherever you want – in any cloud, on-premises, or using containers. FME is reliable and can handle machine failures without a hitch. It’s quick to get started with FME Flow hosted, and you’ll be operational in no time.

FME efficiently adapts to your workload, whether it’s small or large. Plus, with CPU-time pricing, you only pay for what you actually use. FME grows alongside your expanding data needs.

FME in Action

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The FME Platform


Build repeatable data conversion and transformation workflows using an intuitive drag-and-drop interface

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Automate workflows built in FME Form, and run them on a schedule or in response to triggers and get results ASAP

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FME Flow Hosted is the hosted version of FME Flow. Combine the flexibility and speed of the cloud with the powerful automation and versatility of FME Flow

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View our useful FME considerations flow chart to discover which product and licencing plan is right for you and your organisation

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