Thank you for connecting with Locus

and the FME World Fair 2021

Thank you to our Locus presenters; Dean Howell, Darren Fergus, Pip Norris and Kieran O’Donnell.

View the recordings below and to register for any future FME World Tour events be sure to follow Locus on LinkedIn.

Juggling Unstructured Data

Working with unstructured data, the application of standards along with performance factors all come together in this engaging presentation from Dean Howell

Automated Video Editing with Machine Learning, FME and Other Bonus Deployment Tools

FME can help us in often surprising and unexpected ways.Join Darren Fergus and Pip Norris as they take you on a journey in video editing with FME and machine learning

Extending with APIs: Getting the Most Out of Your Systems with FME

Did you know that every piece of software built today either uses an API, or is an API? Join Kieran O’Donnell as he explores the amazing world of APIs with some real examples you can try at home