Free FME Licenses for COVID-19 Projects

COVID-19 is affecting us all, and we don’t want software licensing to prevent solutions from being found or communities from being protected.

In a quest to support the delivery of good quality, integrated, up-to-the-minute data, Safe Software is offering FME for free for those trying to research and investigate COVID-19 and learn how to better support their communities.

COVID-19 FME Download Form

Use the COVID-19 specific download form to access your free FME licenses. The license will be active until 30 September 2021

Can I use my COVID-19 license beyond 30 September 2021?

If circumtances surrounding COVID-19 require that the the license be extended then this will be considered

I’m working from home and cannot access my floating FME license can I obtain a COVID-19 license?

If you are unable to borrow a floating license from your floating license pool then please use the COVID-19 download form to obtain a fixed license

I’m working from home on a machine that does not have my existing license on it. Can I transfer my current license to home and then back again when I return to the office

Yes, however please check that the license is not also being used in the office. The license can only exist on one machine at a time

Can I use the COVID-19 license for my day-to-day work?

If you already have a license and are able to access it remotely then please do. If this is not possible then use the COVID-19 download form to access a fixed license

Does the COVID-19 license include FME Flow and FME Flow Hosted?

The free FME COViD-19 license is for FME Form only. To access a FME Flow or FME Flow Hosted trial please email [email protected].