The much anticipated Safe Software FME 2017.1 release arrived on 1 August 2017 and is packed with features and fixes!   Here at Locus, we’ve welcomed the opportunity to take this release for a test drive and to follow area few highlights we wanted to bring to your attention.

    Maximise your automation

    Direct jobs to one or more specific engines with a new FME Flow interface Queues feature.   Lengthy jobs can be pushed to one engine and quick jobs to another thereby maximising your automation capabilities and ensuring no one job holds another up.

    A new transformer; DateTimeConverter

    The DateTimeConverter replaces the DateFormatter and this new transformer has some far superior functionality including greater precision (fractional seconds), the ability to parse more complex input strings (wildcards and advanced flags), and the ability to convert between time zones.

    You’ll be able to enjoy working faster with presets, partial matches and a Quick Reference feature for flags. It also has a rejected port for invalid values and the ability to repair certain errors.

    Remote sensing just got bigger

    In FME 2017 Safe introduced support for cloud hosted satellite imagery but managing this data can be a challenging task.    FME2017.1 will help you access more services – Landsat 8, Landsat 8 on AWS and Terrain Tiles on AWS – as well as more effectively handle these datasets.

    Usability gains for FME Form

    A faster Inspector transformer’s connection to the Data Inspector will make authoring more efficient.  You can now select, copy and paste multiple user parameters at once.  An updated reader/writer right click option provides 2 key enhancements: it allows you to update existing readers and writers from older versions of FME to access the capabilities of new versions, and it also allows you to adjust all settings, including those which could affect the feature type schemas.  All of this without having to delete and re-add the affected reader or writer.

    To experience all of these new features and more, download a free trial of FME now or talk to Locus about how we and FME can help you manage your data.

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