Thank you for requesting a free FME trial for 30 days, let’s get started!

1. Follow this download link to install FME Form

2. Go to the FME menu and run FME Licensing Wizard

3. To create a node-locked (fixed) license of FME Form, Locus requires the ten digit machine code for each computer a FME Form license will be loaded onto.. Find the code at the bottom left of the window in the format: 1-234-567-890

4. Email your ten digit code to Locus – [email protected]

5. Locus will return a file which you will need to load using the “I want to install a license already provided by Safe Software” option on that same window

To help you make the most of your trial we’ve included some extras

But wait there’s more… your free 30 day FME trial can be converted to an annual fixed or floating licence at anytime. Industry specific subscription pricing options are also available and are a great way for organisations to consume unlimited amounts of FME for a single annual price. For more information chat to Locus