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Struggling with manual, repetitive data tasks or incomplete data sources? FME is the ultimate enterprise data integration and transformation solution. Developed by Safe Software, FME is the no-code answer to all your data integration needs.

Locus is a Safe Software Platinum Partner and FME reseller. We are a leading provider of data integration consultancy services, technical support and FME training. Our expert team have worked across organisations of all sizes in multiple industries and have never met a data integration challenge they couldn’t solve!

Our FME training courses are perfect for both beginners and experienced users looking to refresh their skills. We offer virtual courses led by FME Certified Trainers or classroom-style training in small groups.

Why Attend FME Training

  • Enhance your FME knowledge and skills
  • Connect with other FME users
  • Gain hands-on experience with practical exercises based on real-world scenarios
  • Received personalised support and instruction that you can apply immediately
  • Build your team’s internal capability that will deliver results now

What will I learn at FME Training

  • Introduction to FME and its capabilities
  • FME Desktop interface and configuration
  • Best practices for managing FME projects
  • Data geometry and attribute manipulation using FME transformers
  • Handling and processing large, and different data formats and data types
  • Creating complex workflows for data integration and transformation
  • Tips for optimising large FME workspaces and improving efficiency
  • Debugging an troubleshooting FME workspaces
  • Working with spatial data and GIS systems
  • Integrating FME with other systems and applications
  • Advanced techniques for creating custom FME transformers and workspaces
  • Real-world use cases and examples of FME in action

We ensure that all our FME training attendees are comfortable and proficient in using FME for their day-to-day data tasks and confident enough to take advantage of everything FME has to offer.

Let’s take a look at our formal two-day course options in more detail; FME Desktop Training, FME Server Training and FME Desktop Advanced Training. To discuss custom or bespoke training with a FME Certified trainer please email [email protected]

For me this training was about demystifying FME. I’ve seen others use it and knew what a powerful tool it was but I’ve never quite found the time to teach myself.I think the balance of what we studied was spot on. It seemed to cover a fair amount of the FME functionality and I could see how it was applicable to the work I carry out.

Liz Bowen / Waka Kotahi

I have learned so many tips about FME Flow and FME Form. Darren our trainer is so experienced in FME and he is always happy to share his tips and tricks to us along with practical examples. He answered all the questions we had and also very helpful if any users got stuck.

Phuong Tran / QV

There was a lot of information to go through and I think our trainer Kieran managed this well. The ability to use the online version of the manual and also getting the tips and tricks from the community was great. Highly recommended course.

Andrew Old / Ballance Agri-Nutrients

This course provided a terrific opportunity to learn more about the extensive tools of FME. Darren was an awesome trainer and the online (virtual) training layout (due to Covid restrictions) didn’t impact the quality of the course at all.

Chris Jones / Sunshine Coast Regional Council

The instructors knowledge and practical examples provided were excellent. Much better receiving formal instruction in a classroom environment rather than struggling with self-taught options online.

Helen Simpson / Napier City Council

Darren was a fantastic instructor who always made sure to take the time to assist everyone with the exercises and material whenever help was needed. His friendly and personable nature also made it easy to speak up and ask questions whenever necessary.

Daniel Scicluna / Hume City Council

FME Form Training (previously FME Desktop)

FME Form training is Ideal for anyone working with data keen to learn how to efficiently transform, integrate and automate data workflows.

Suitable for beginners through to intermediate FME users, the course covers a range of topics from basic data manipulation to advanced automation techniques.

Improve the productivity and quality of your work by learning how to remove manual, repetitive data handling and streamline processing tasks. A deeper understanding of FME Desktop’s capabilities will help identify new opportunities for data analysis and visualisation supporting data-driven decision making.

Download FME Form Training Course Overview (pdf)

Cost: $1,750 + GST per person

FME Flow Training (previously FME Server)

Are you an experienced FME Desktop user interested in deploying FME’s enterprise capabilities? Well then, FME Flow training is just what you need!

In this course we’ll cover FME Flow’s infrastructure including operation of the web interface, along with how to design and publish workflows to achieve superior automation.

You’ll also learn how to use a self-service web application to dynamically distribute data and move your FME processing tasks to a server environment saving you time and effort and ensuring unified, good quality data gets to your stakeholders faster.

Download FME Flow Training Course Overview (pdf)

Cost: $1,750 + GST per person

FME Form Advanced Training (previously FME Desktop)

Take your data integration and automation skills to the next level with our FME Form Advanced Training course. This course is ideal for anyone already familiar with FME Form looking to enhance their knowledge and expertise.

Learn advanced techniques for data transformation, automation and optimisation – leveraging the full power of FME Form to streamline your data processes.

The course content will include; user parameters, advanced readers/writers, performance considerations, advanced attribute handling and custom transformers.

Download FME Form Advanced Training Course Overview (pdf)

Cost: $1,750 + GST per person

Passionate about helping you and your team break down data silos and build internal capability, Locus is your leading FME training provider. Become a master at efficiently transforming and integrating data workflows.

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