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Looking for a powerful and versatile data integration solution? FME, developed by Safe Software and supported by FME Reseller Locus, is a platform that powers businesses to connect, transform, and integrate data from hundreds of sources, supporting smarter data-based decision making, improving efficiency, and driving innovation.

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Data Integation Made Easy

FME simplifies the complex task of integrating data from multiple sources. It supports hundreds of formats, databases, and applications. With FME, you can streamline your data workflows and eliminate manual processes, saving time and reducing errors

Transform and Enrich Data

FME provides an extensive set of tools and transformers to manipulate and enhance your data. You can perform data transformations, attribute calculations, spatial analysis, and more, all within a user-friendly graphical interface

Automation and Efficiency

FME automates data integration processes; create workflows that can be executed on-demand or scheduled to run automatically. By automating repetitive tasks, you can free up your teams’ time for added-value tasks and increased efficiencies

Spatial Data Expertise

FME is renowned for its robust support of spatial data. Whether you’re working with geographic information systems (GIS), mapping, or location-based data, FME excels in performing spatial analysis, and integrating spatial data with other systems

Whether you're a small business or a large enterprise, FME scales to meet your data integration needs. It offers flexibility in deployment options, allowing you to choose between on-premises, cloud, or hybrid setups. Locus ensures that the FME solution is customisable to your specific requirements, and fits with your existing infrastructure and workflows.

Unlock the Power of an Unbeatable Price

Big. Medium. Small. Private, Public, or Government

FME has a flexible, cost effective pricing solution for all

At Locus, we understand the importance of budget-friendly solutions. That's why we offer unbeatable FME price plans tailored to your business's unique needs. With our cost-effective solutions, you can harness the full potential of FME without compromising your budget.Choose Locus for unbeatable FME price plans and experience the benefits of seamless data integration, enhanced efficiency, and actionable insights.

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With FME you’ll achieve a comprehensive understanding of your network, automate processes and manage risk in real-time with fully integrated data. FME utility subscriptions designed to meet your needs. Gain control of your data now. Tell me more about FME and utilities
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Government (Local)

Modern, sustainable, transparent city and community services are made possible with connected data. Achieve operational efficiency with fully integrated asset management, shareable stakeholder data and superior automation. Tell me more about FME and Local Government.
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Consume as much FME Form and FME Flow as your organisation needs for a fixed annual fee with a multi-year, enterprise subscription agreement. Tiered pricing options available to suit every organisation and every budget. Cost is based on the size of your organisation and FME usage.
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Airports & Aviation

Integrate data across applications, organisations and authorities and deliver improved operations and passenger experiences. Connect asset management with business systems, oversee airspace, ground traffic and passenger movement - all in real-time. Tell me more about FME and Airports
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Education and Non-Profit

This subscription option allows your university or college to use unlimited deployment of the FME Platform, within student operations and facilities management, for a single annual price. Discover the value of well connected, shareable, automated data flow. The amount paid is based solely on the size of your student population. 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer Enterprise License Agreements (ELAs)?

Yes, enterprise license agreements are available to customers with a large number of FME licenses. An ELA is like an all-you-can-eat buffet. You pay an annual fee and for the length of your agreement (typically three years) you can use as many FME licenses as you wish, with annual maintenance included and zero cost increases. ELAs are ideal for new or existing organizations who want volume pricing and customers anticipating increasing usage or who require special arrangements – e.g. customized training or support. For more information, please contact Locus

How can I tell which specific transformers, readers and writers are included ?

You can see a detailed comparison of readers and writers by edition in the format licensing matrix. For transformers, please refer to the transformer licensing matrix.

How do I buy FME Form (previously FME Form)?

That's easy! Drop us a quick email at [email protected] or visit our contact Locus page and complete the online form. We'll get back to you within 2 business days.

How do I install FME Form?

Download the latest version of FME from the Locus website and follow the instructions provided.

What options do you have for enterprise workflows?
FME Form is the authoring environment where you configure and run workspaces. To take advantage of automation at an enterprise level, you can run your workspaces on FME Flow (peviously FME Flow) and FME Flow-Hosted (previously FME Flow Hosted).
What is the difference between fixed and floating licences?

A fixed license lets you run FME Form on a single computer, whereas a floating license is shared by multiple people. For example, if you have five users, you could purchase a fixed license for each computer. Or you could purchase a floating license with additional seats. If you purchase a floating license with two additional seats, then up to three users could have FME Form open at any one point in time. View our What type of FME Do I Need flowchart for more information.

What is Annual Maintenance and how does it work?

Annual maintenance is 25% of your FME software costs and is included with the purchase of all FME products for the first year. In your first year you can expect to receive software updates, product support, full credit for upgrades, and more. At Locus, we believe in predictable budget planning and would welcome the opportunity to fix future renewal costs ensuring that your annual maintenance arrangements are the best possible fit for your business. Please contact Locus to discuss further.

I’m interested in FME but based outside New Zealand and Australia, how can I get pricing information ?

Wherever you may be based in the world Locus can assist. Pricing will vary by market and if purchasing outside New Zealand or Australia, GST may not apply. Please contact us to discuss local pricing and support.

Is it possible to use FME Form at home?

Yes it is!  Contact us to discuss further [email protected] or [email protected]