FME has always been the choice of the IT professional who understands that integration doesn’t need to mean code.  Now more than ever, data drives business, and FME with its remarkable ability to translate over 500 different data formats, provides an unrivalled toolset in the integration market.

    The (NZ) Digital Technologies, Industry Transformation Plan (ITP), released in May 2023, is a collaboration between industry and the New Zealand Government.  It seeks to identify areas in the tech industry that are ripe for investment and growth. In 2021, the digital technologies sector was estimated to have contributed $7 billion to New Zealand’s GDP. With a consistent annual growth rate of 10.4% since 2016, digital technologies play a crucial role in New Zealand’s overall success. 

    The digital technologies sector is large, covering a diverse range of technologies. SaaS technologies and the Gaming Industry have been identified by the ITP for initial investment.  In both cases the FME platform provides valuable capability to support these industries.  From a SaaS perspective, FME becomes the platform that enables the transformation of data between platforms, whether Google, SAP, Salesforce or almost any other SaaS platform. 

    The world looks to Aotearoa New Zealand as a leader in ethical, innovative, inclusive and sustainable digital technologies. These technologies enable our economy to prosper, help our businesses to grow stronger and compete internationally, and contribute to the wellbeing of all new Zealanders.

    Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

    A platform that supports SaaS solutions as well as the gaming industry seems like an unlikely mix, but the simple strength of FME is that it can translate and integrate so many formats, many more then competitors like MuleSoft.        

    Converting spatial data is a unique skill of FME; effortlessly capable of translating 3D models, CAD or GIS data into gaming engines such as Unreal Engine. This streamlined process not only saves you time but also cuts down on costs.

    While SaaS and Gaming currently take the spotlight, the ITP also identifies upcoming opportunities in the form of Data-Driven Innovation and Artificial Intelligence with both emerging as crucial investment areas.

    Data is of course where FME excels. By leveraging FME, users of PowerBI, Tableau and other Business Intelligence tools can unlock the true value of their data, whether it’s through data translation, cleaning or processing.

    Artificial intelligence is a captivating technology with what feels like infinite uses. Whilst FME isn’t an AI in itself it can incorporate AI tools into transformation processes. For example, using AI to summarise data, or extract additional information.  With FME you can go far beyond chatbots and start to make AI work for your business.

    The Industry Transformation Plan is an impressive document that helps to identify future opportunities in the digital technology industry.  Locus is supportive of the document and is excited at the role that FME will play in realising this vision. Chat to Locus to discover more about how FME can support your data integration needs.

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