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Lower Hutt, New Zealand



Hutt City Council (Hutt City) is the governing body for Lower Hutt, the second largest city in the Wellington region of New Zealand with a population of 107,600*

The purpose of Hutt City is to provide leadership for the city through enabling democratic local decision making and to meet the current and future needs of communities for local infrastructure and public services.

To maintain organisation-wide data integrity, availability and delivery, Hutt City required a robust IT development and production environment.


The Background

Relatively new to FME, Hutt City Council had previously introduced FME Form and FME Flow along with two licenses but were looking to acquire two additional Desktop licenses, and a Server licence to facilitate the separation of their production environment from their development environment.

*2017 census

The Challenge

At Hutt City Council, the development and production environments were one-in-the-same.  Separating the development and production environments was much needed and driven also by growth in the FME user base which can present additional risk where there is no division in working environments.

With limited internal support, Hutt City sought assistance from Locus to help deliver what would be a new production environment ensuring that it was configured and deployed correctly by spending the time validating connections, workspaces and ensuring that Active Directory was functioning as intended.  Specific tasks included:

  • Replicating one environment into the next to produce an exact copy, and then optimising that including automations, schedules and other bespoke configurations
  • Ensuring ESRI SDE worked with FME Flow
  • Checking Workspaces were running and providing feedback on their optimisation
  • Checking connections were working

The Results

With the help of Darren Fergus, FME Certified Professional and Data Solutions expert, the GIS team at Hutt City accomplished the following;

  • Current production server was backed-up and appointed the development server
  • Installation of the latest version of FME Form and FME Flow, ESRI and ArcGIS
  • On-premise knowledge-transfer, support and training of staff to troubleshoot, test and maintain best practice in the use of the FME platform

The Future

Leveraging the work that was done within the GIS team, Locus has also supported the Applications team with a solution to workflow API calls.

Extending our investment in FME, and the scalability it has brought to the organisation has positioned us well for future growth and we certainly appreciate the expertise and robust support that Locus have brought to the table

John Floyd
LIS Manager, Hutt City Council