Supporting Communities

Helping Others

Our work, and the products we work with make it simple for people to work smarter with their data. We like to think that social impact has a similar goal – to harness the passion of our people and the power of FME to support the community around us. Here are a few things we’re involved in;

Sharing our time and our expertise

Oxfam New Zealand is an organization doing great things for the widest of global communities and we admire and cherish their mission “Working together to end poverty and injustice”. Our Gary Nicholson, of Locus; a devoted to help plan the course, Locus tracked the 300 participant teams by using FME to analyse and locate tweets that are sent during the event. In more recent years, Gary has also used FME’s report generation capabilities to create a dashboard showing the progress of teams through the checkpoints.

Sponsoring for Good

When he’s not data wrangling, our own Darren Fergus is bringing the supercar experience to the people (and streets) of Wellington where anybody can be a passenger in one of the world’s most iconic sports cars. Director of XtremeX, Darren is not only passionate about providing an affordable supercar experience but a committed philanthropist and a regular supporter of KidsCan New Zealand events. Learn more about XtremeX.

Supporting the Pursuit

Double Six MotorSport (D6M) has been involved in racing for 30 years; providing young riders with the essential tools and skills they need to thrive.Running world spec competitive machinery provides a pathway to aspiring young riders and Locus is thrilled to be part of the journey to support talented young people

Giving our Money

The purpose of the Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch City Missions is to help people in desperate need. Help is offered through food parcels, primary health care, clothing, facilitating access to accommodation and providing much needed social interaction and care to some of our most vulnerable.